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We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 11 bikes so everyone can get the individual attention they need.


Studio core

Where It All Starts

M-F 9:00 am

Sat. 9:00 am

Sun. 9:00 am

Beginners welcome. Learn to master your breath and engage your core through three basic positions. Learn to find your strength.

45-60 minutes

Rhythm core

Sweaty & Satisfying

M-F  6:00 am

M-F 5:30pm

Sat. 8:00am

Sun. 8:00 am

Get your heart rate up, burn calories, and improve muscle endurance and strength in this faster paced class. Follow the rhythm of the music and feed off the energy of fellow riders as you glide on fast flats, discover jumps, and manage mixed terrains.

45-60 minutes

Super core

Pure Exhilaration

M-F 7:00 pm

This is a no nonsense ride. Climb steeper hills,  jump at a faster pace, pick up the speed in saddle rides to build up to the maximum heart rate. This ride is a must have for cycling lovers.

45-60 minutes



Whether you're a beginner, ready to sweat or a new mom–you'll find yourself at home in our intimate 12 mat studio. 


Yoga Foundations

Back to Basics

Mon 8:00 am

Build strength from the ground up. Students will be introduced to basic yoga postures with a focus on proper alignment, breath work, and body awareness.

1 hour




Vinyasa Yoga

Get Moving

Mon,Tue,Thu 10:00 am

Description coming soon. 

1 hour





Little Yogis

Get Moving

Mon-Thu 11:00 am

Traditional yoga is explored in a fun way to get kids (ages 4-10) to balance activity and a sense of calm. It will teach them how to safely stretch and build strength to hold postures while helping them to develop focus and body awareness.   

1 hour

Follow the Flow

Engage your CORE. 

Mon 5:30 pm

Fri-Sat-Sun 8:00 am

Strength radiates from the CORE outward. Focus inward in this high-energy core strengthening class. Work up a sweat and then wind down. (Open Level)

1 hour



Yin Yoga

Feel the Release

Wed 8:00 am

This class follows a slower pace with seated postures held for a longer period of time to aid deep muscle release. It is great for reaching those layers of fascia that are often neglected. Yin is a feel good practice! Open to both beginners and intermediates. .

1 hour

Mom & Me

Me & You Time

Mon,Wed 11:00 am

Connect with your baby while you reconnect with yourself. Savor realigning postures and relaxing on your mat. Invite your baby to practice with you or simply enjoy the wonder of their presence. 

*Please consult your doctor before returning to the mat.

1 hour

Hot Yoga

Hot and healthy

Fri,Sat,Sun 11:00 am

Heat makes us feel warm and relaxed. Hot Yoga uses this to elevate your heart rate and increases your pulse rate thus.  You will be drenched in sweat which helps to release toxins (don't forget your water bottle).You will thus burn calories and have increased flexibility allowing you to go more deeply into your positive poses.

1 hour


Sunrise Yoga

Feel the Release

Mon,Wed 6:00 am

Description coming soon. 

1 hour